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Phoenix Fashion Week, August 2018

Last Friday, I had the pleasure of attending the Phoenix Fashion Week Fashion Show launching emerging designers around the the nation.  While the clothes beautiful, the designers talented and the energy contagious, my favorite part of the evening was speaking one-on-one with the designers.  It was the first runway show for many of them, and I could feel their anticipation and excitement.  Keep reading to hear about my favorite moments and designers.

Prior to the show, we were invited to meet the designers, preview their lines, and shop the collections.  I was surprised to learn that Phoenix Fashion Week sponsors a 4 month emersion program for new designers.  I felt an immediate connection to these designers, as I too was accepted and started a fashion entrepreneur acceleration program in June.  Knowing intimately what their journey has entailed, thus far, made this part of the evening really special for me.  I loved learning about their lines, their inspiration and their process.  Here are a few shots from the garment shop.

My favorite designer of the night was SiSi Aduke, @sisi_aduke. Jummy Salami, was the first designer I spoke with at the garment shop, and I was immediately impressed by her and her vision.  Sisi Aduke is full of vibrant colors, beautiful African prints and styles that would compliment most closets.  I didn’t get many pictures of her collection, so check her out on Instagram.

Another favorite was WVSH, @wvshofficial.  I chatted with creative director, Koran Fields-Cameron and loved his energy.  Koran’s life story in his present in each of his pieces.  His style represents the laid-back vibe of San Diego, where he lives, his urban upbringing and military influence.  Koran was also in the Marine Corps.  I’m obsessed with the tan, red and blue crop jacket below (right).

To round off my top 3 was designer Orlando Dugi, @orlandodugi.  Orlando brought high-fashion to the evening.  I loved the colors and the fluidity of the fabrics.  His dresses WOWed on the runway.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture and snagged the one below from Instagram.

These were just a few of my favorites, but the entire show was full of talent and inspiration.  Check out all the designers and Phoenix Fashion Week news here!

More than anything, I was happy to have found a design community in Phoenix, and I look forward to attending the next Phoenix Fashion Week in October.  Writing about all these designers has me feeling a little anxious though.  If I hope to have Amare by Heidi walking a runway any time soon, I need to get back to work.

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P.S. I am not affiliated with PHXFW or any of the designers.  Just sharing my experience.



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