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I Quit! Then all this happened…

We are only a couple days into September and fall fashion is upon us.  Everyone is talking about boots and sweaters, and which boots pair best with which sweaters. Am I the only one wishing summer would slow down and linger for a bit longer?  I get it, it’s HOT, but have you all forgotten what’s waiting on the other side of fall, winter!  That means rain, snow, and shorter days.  At least for those of you who don’t live in Phoenix. 😉

Time is flying by, and more now that ever before, I feel panicked by the speed of the passing seasons.  Working to launch Amare by Heidi is a full-time job on top of my current full-time job, and each passing season gets me both closer, and sometimes further away from my debut season.  It’s like I have a ticking clock in my head reminding me of a deadline I haven’t even set for myself.

But, when I’m able to quiet the ticking clock and get my head into the tactical steps of building a brand, I make huge strides.  August has probably been my most satisfying month since starting this project, and all this happened AFTER I told my husband, “I think I’m going to quit.”

If you follow me on social media, you already know I’m agonizing over teaching myself Adobe Illustrator (AI).  I know there are many designers who sketch by hand and produce beautiful final products.  There are other designers who outsource their digital sketches.  For me, I feel strongly I need to master this step of the design process.  It will help me in marketing and production alike.  So I’ve spent hours taking online classes to learn AI, and this week, I finally made some real progress.

Despite my embarrassment, and better judgment, I’m going to share with you my progress from my very first attempt at drawing a shoe to this week’s shoe on AI.

I hope that inspired you more than terrified you. I’m flushed with embarrassment.  OMG #1!

It’s still not perfect, and I’m still working on learning more about Illustrator every, single day, but I am proud of the progress I’ve made.

Also in August, I found a company right here in the US that I’m considering as my production partner. Being “Made in America” is a big deal to me, and the brand, so I’m stoked to have found this company. More to come on samples and production as I get closer.

My other major focus this month has been marketing, specifically social and content marketing.  I’m learning that building a customer base early is the key to success for emerging designers, and the best way to do that is through social media.

I reluctantly opened a Twitter account for Amare by Heidi.  I don’t like Twitter.  I don’t understand Twitter.  I’ve not used Twitter before.  BUT, it’s important for branding, digital marketing and exposure.  In 3 weeks I have a whopping 30 followers, so please, please take pity on me and give a follow!  @AmarebyHeidi

What I really learned this month is to quit.  I’m giving up the negative self-talk, the doubt and the fear, and I’m going to focus the tactical.  I’m going to appreciate the process and let go of perfection, because I’m learning that when I let go is when real progress happens.

Thank you for reading and following my journey.  It’s fun to share my experiences with you and even laugh at myself along the way.  Don’t forget to subscribe!



2 thoughts on “I Quit! Then all this happened…”

  1. Hi Heidi Altree,
    I think your work on AI is looking good! Kudos for teaching yourself, and for finding a (potential) production partner in the USA!
    I look forward to seeing your tweets (I just followed you. Twitter: @ItsAGo_blog) & future posts. Good luck!

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