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What a Guitar Store Taught Me About Working Hard

I have always prided myself in having a strong work ethic, and I credit my work ethic to very hard-working parents.  When I was 5, my parents opened a mom and pop music store, Guitar Medic. They sold instruments in the front of the store and my dad repaired guitars in the back shop.  There was… Continue reading What a Guitar Store Taught Me About Working Hard


The Question I Get Asked Most Often

I've been vegetarian going on 7 years and adopted a plant-based diet about a year ago. If you are vegetarian or vegan you'll recognize the following responses when a person finds out that you DON'T EAT MEAT!!??? I could never be vegetarian!  I like bacon, steak, xyz animal product, too much.  Insert raised eyebrows here.… Continue reading The Question I Get Asked Most Often

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Phoenix Fashion Week, August 2018

Last Friday, I had the pleasure of attending the Phoenix Fashion Week Fashion Show launching emerging designers around the the nation.  While the clothes beautiful, the designers talented and the energy contagious, my favorite part of the evening was speaking one-on-one with the designers.  It was the first runway show for many of them, and… Continue reading Phoenix Fashion Week, August 2018

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Easy Like a Sunday Morning

"Easy Like a Sunday Morning."  You know that 1977 song by the Commodores, Easy.  I find myself, on many a Sundays, humming this one line in particular because Sunday mornings do seem so easy.  With no weekday obligations to show up for or Saturday chores to tackle, I typically slip into my Sunday, easily. Pfff! This… Continue reading Easy Like a Sunday Morning

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Creating Amare

Welcome! If you are joining me from The Fit Frequent Flyer, Thank You! You've already read this post, but please subscribe and follow me here.  If you are new to me, Thank You!  Please read on and join me.  I'm grateful for your support. Two years ago, I launched The Fit Frequent Flyer.  It was… Continue reading Creating Amare